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When you have Placerville, CA homes for sale, staging is important for you and the buyer. While having a professional stage your home is an incredibly important factor that you should discuss with your realtor, there are also plenty of things you can do on your own. With these 10 tips for staging your Placerville homes for sale, you can set yourself in a great position to get your asking price and blow away potential buyers.

Get the Bathroom Walls Squeaky Clean
When someone is walking through the home they want to buy, there is a big turn off when the bathroom walls are grimy and moldy. This throws a big red flag up for them that maybe there are other issues with cleaning and maintenance in the house. If you make a spray bottle at home with one part bleach and one part water, you can spray it on the wall and make the mold go away with ease. Once it is clean, you can freshen up the paint and you are set up with a bathroom that is stunning instead of sending them running.

Easy DIY Solution to Grimy Shower Doors
Did you know that you can get rid of the nasty build upon that shower door and avoid replacing it which can cost you much more? What you can do instead is take the door off, clean it with a mixture of 10 parts water and one part muriatic acid. If you scrub this solution on the door with steel wool and wipe it down, you can reinstall your door and have a perfect shower door that helps make your Placerville homes for sale sparkle.

Make the Master Bedroom Appealing to Everyone
Since you have no idea who might be looking to buy your Placerville, CA homes for sale, you want to make sure that the master bedroom is appealing to everyone. Always avoid any features that seem too specific to a particular gender. You should make sure that the bedding and the walls are a neutral color that matches well. Once you have that down, make sure that you accessorize the room with other things that complement the colors that you have on the bed and the wall.

Sprucing Up Your Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them
It can be frustrating to try to get the asking price for your Placerville homes for sale with kitchen cabinets that look dated and faded. It can cost a bit more than you want to spend to replace them, so instead you can stain them to make them look brand new again. Anybody can stain cabinets, so make sure you evenly apply with strokes that go along with the grain of the wood. After that, you can get some new hardware that is in style and now you have a new and trendy look for your cabinets that will impress buyers and only costs a couple of hundred dollars.

Embrace the Stainless-Steel Appliances
If you did not already know, stainless-steel appliances are a big hit with buyers these days. If you want to make sure that your Placerville, CA homes for sale look up to date but do not want to replace your still semi-new dishwasher, there is a cheaper solution. You can remove the front panels and clean them. After that, you can apply a stainless-steel stick-on covering. After you cut it to size you have spent very little and now you have an incredibly modern dishwasher.

Do Not Forget the Importance of Curb Appeal
If you want to impress any passerby, then using your outdoor colors is a great way to go. You can use two tones of paint to create a “faux finish” on the corner keystones. Using a nice sealant on walkways and the driveway is another way to impress. Finally, making sure your Placerville, CA homes for sale have flowers and other plants that are in bloom on the outside is the perfect accent to the rest of your beautiful home.

Stage Rooms to Look Their Best
Just like with the master bedroom, painting rooms in neutral colors is a good strategy. You also want a minimum number of things to clutter up the room so that people can focus on the room. This and all of the other steps will make your Placerville homes for sale a guaranteed success and you will get great returns on your investments.