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You have a home for sale in El Dorado Hills, Somerset, Sutter Creek or Placerville and you want to attract the right buyer. There are some things you’ll want to do in advance to get your home ready for other people to look at it. After all, you want to net as much as you can from it, right?

There are a number of mistakes home owners make when selling their home. By addressing each problem listed here and offering easy-to-fix solutions that maximize the appeal of the residential property in question, you’re able to appeal to serious buyers and close the sale quickly.

Here are some things to keep in mind when selling a home.

1. Leaving a home in a state of disrepair is a big no no. Remember, the objective is to sell your home to the buyer who offers the highest price for the property. If you have repairs or maintenance that needs to be done and you’ve neglected to take care of it, you could potentially lose a buyer’s interest or not get your asking price on your home. Take time to print out a repair and maintenance checklist and make sure to address all areas of the document as if they have equal importance because they do.

2. Having your personal items displayed throughout the home isn’t recommended. Furniture and decor make a space comfortable. Personal mementos and photographs, however, take away from a buyer’s attention. A buyer wants to picture themselves and their family living in the home, not you. Take time to pack these items away early so you don’t turn a buyer away.

3. The entire house should smell fresh and clean. Odors can turn a buyer off and potentially a reason why a person won’t buy your home. That, or they’ll put in a lower offer price which means less profit for you. For a fast natural deodorizer, put orange peels into a pot of boiled water, add vanilla, and allow the mixture to simmer for a few minutes with the lid off the pot. Turn off the heat and allow the aroma to waft through your home.

4. Let go of any attachment you have to the house. You will no longer be the homeowner, you’re the seller. Don’t let any emotional feelings you have about the house. You’ll have an easier time letting it go and ease the nerves of potential buyers. Remember that buying a home is a big responsibility. It’s not just a dwelling, it’s also an investment and part of someone’s lifestyle.

5. Make sure everything in the home is clean and presentable. Every square inch of the home needs to shine. From the front door to the window frames, make sure that everything looks its best. If you don’t have time to do deep cleaning yourself, hire a cleaning company to take care of all the details for you.

6. Explain the proper function of a room. You may use the rooms in your home in a different way than someone else would. For that reason alone, you need to explain how the room functions as a dining room, bedroom or office space even if you’re not using it the way the builders of the home intended for you to do so.

7. Dim lighting makes it hard to see how a room looks. Make sure that the entire home is brightly lit. If you lack light fixtures, buy lamps and add them to a room. Take down curtains and window treatments. You may also want to rethink the color choices you’ve made for your rooms. Lighter colors reflect light better than darker colors.

8. Make updates that attract high-end buyers. Yes, it costs money to upgrade your home but it’s what makes a home stand out. It’s all about the details. Why do you think TV shows about flipping homes are so popular? Consider removing outdated fixtures, adding new hardware to cabinetry, and putting in new carpeting. These things make all the difference to a buyer who wants a home that is move-in ready.

9. Seek the advice and experience of a professional. It’s not enough to think you know how to sell your home. You need to know exactly how to make it happen. The right luxury home seller will guide you through the process and put you into contact with a team of professionals that inspect, repair, stage, and market the home you’re selling so you get more money out of it when someone does buy it.

10. Make sure everything is done before listing the home. Photographs should be taken after these things are done not before. People will typically want to view the home within two weeks of the initial listing. You don’t want to surprise them or scare them away from your home because it looks entirely different than it did in the listing photos.

11. Help the buyer find your home by putting signs out. Even if you think it looks like an eyesore, putting a yard sign out increases interest in your home. People know that it’s for sale and can schedule a time to look at it if it’s something they think they might want to buy. The right buyer is probably scoping out your neighborhood already because they like what they see.

12. Make it easy to show your home. If you’re not available to do a walkthrough with the agent, have another family member take your place. Many buyers are impatient with the process. They want to see a home on their terms and schedule. The less resistance you give an agent, the more they’re able to show the home. That helps you sell it faster.

13. Don’t price your home too high. Keep in mind that the market moves swiftly. Set a price that allows you to profit but doesn’t turn potential buyers off. Give yourself enough wiggle room to negotiate. You don’t want to undersell the property either. Don’t use the neighbor’s house for sale as a guide to pricing your own. It’s a mistake many sellers make and can’t recover from.

14. Listing a home with someone you’re close to. It’s never good to mix business with personal matters. Even if your friend or relative is a great agent, avoid using them to list your home. Selling a house is emotional. It also requires making big decisions financially. You don’t want to ruin a friendship or familial relationship because of a real estate deal gone bad.

Your home is beautiful. It’s in the perfect location. The yard is perfectly manicured and the schools in the area are superb. So, how do you make sure it sells quickly and to the right buyer? You follow the tips listed above and refrain from making critical mistakes that decrease the value of your home.