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Many in the media would have us believe that America is no longer the land of opportunity, but those of us knee deep in entrepreneurship know differently. The dream of building our own business, owning our own home, and controlling our own destiny is still alive and thriving in the right circles. If you’re losing hope, I have three pieces of simple advice:  Replace negative influences with positive ones starting now; work 80+ hours a week starting now; and save money by cutting personal expenses starting now. Get uncomfortable, get back to dreaming, and get ready to seize the opportunity . . . your big break will be right around the corner!”

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From Seattle Washington and leaving to see the world at age 18, I traveled through Europe. I lived and stayed in Italia for 4 years. Fascinated by aviation, I obtained my Pilot's license in 1984. I went to work for American Airlines shortly afterward, where I continued my adventures for 25 more years. Landing in Lake Tahoe's Squaw Valley U.S.A in the mid 80's, I lived 13 more years, getting into Real Estate investments which led me to acquiring my R.E broker's license. I am now with Gateway Sotheby's International Realty covering the Sierra Foothills from Auburn to Sutter Creek.